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Meter Couplings and Meter Box Covers - Sec 8E

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Meter Couplings and Meter Box Covers Catalog Section 8E - Best for BROWSING

1/8th and Qtr Bend Meter Couplings (110 CTS, PJ CTS, CS, FIP, MIP) - 5/8"-2" meters - Pg 8E.1

Straight Meter Couplings (110 CTS & IPS PE, PJ IPS PE, CS, FIP, MIP) - 5/8"2" meters - Pg 8E.2

Includes insulating style.

Straight Meter Couplings - Pg 8E.3

2 Bolt Meter Flange Products - Pg 8E.4

Cast Iron Meter Pit Covers and Lock Keys - Pg 8E.5

Miscellaneous Meter Setting Equipment - Pg 8E.6

Includes valve lock and sealing devices, meter idlers, meter adapter bushings (to increase connection size or meter length), and spare coupling washers (fiber and rubber).