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Since 1857, the Mueller name has been associated with dependable water and gas distribution products around the globe. With a foundation of solid core values and a clear mission, Mueller’s International Division is the sales and marketing arm outside of North America for nearly all of the company’s brands and affiliates. This includes:

US Pipe® Valve & Hydrant
Hydro Gate®

Mueller Systems®
Mueller Gas

The International Division serves as an extension of the factories operated by Mueller Company and its affiliates. Our team is strategically positioned around the world to best serve customers in various time zones, cultures, and languages, providing the specialized support required for international business. We employ dozens of industry veterans who thrive on solving problems and developing innovative solutions for our customers. We look forward to working with you.

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ISO 9001 Certificate Decatur, IL
ISO 9001 Certificate Chattanooga, TN
ISO 9001 Certificate Albertville, AL
Mueller CE Certificate

1-Year Limited Warranty
1-Year Limited Warranty (Spanish)
1-Year Limited Warranty UL/FM Swing Check Valves
12 and 18 Month Material Warranty
10-Year Limited Warranty RWGV 2361 & 2362 Series
10-Year Limited Warranty RWGV 2361 & 2362 Series (Spanish)
10-Year Limited Warranty Super Centurion Hydrants
10-Year Limited Warranty Super Centurion Hydrants (Spanish)

10-Year Limited Warranty Wet Barrel Hydrant

10-Year Limited Warranty RWGV BGV515

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Terms & Conditions


Mueller’s flow control and fire protection products are used in the building and maintenance of infrastructure around the globe. This includes water and gas distribution systems, water & wastewater treatment plants, power generation facilities, and more. Primary markets are listed below. The links below provide access to additional information on our product offering in these markets.

- Mueller Co. Brochure
- Mueller Co. Brochure (Spanish)
- Pratt Brochure
- Pratt Brochure (Spanish)

Fire Protection (UL/FM)
- Mueller Co. Brochure
- Mueller Co. Brochure (Spanish)
- Mueller Co. Catalog
U.S. Pipe Brochure

Gas Pipelines
- Brochure
- Website


Mueller Gate ValveMueller manufactures and provides a wide variety of main valves for water distribution systems around the world marketed under reliable brands including: Mueller, US Pipe Valve & Hydrant Division (USPVH), Jones, Henry Pratt, Lined Valve, Hydro Gate, and Milliken. These brands are available in various sizes, end configurations and operating pressures up to 2400 kPa/24 Barg (350psi). Links to our current literature are listed below:

Resilient Wedge Gate Valves
- DN80/3"-DN300/12" A-2361 (350psig/24Barg)
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" A-2361
- 350psi Resilient Wedge Gate Valves Brochure - Spanish
Mueller PLUS
- DN50/2" - DN300/12" A-2361 NRS PLUS
DN80/3"-DN300/12" A-2361 PLUS
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" A-2361 PLUS
DN80/3"-DN300/12" A-USP1 (350psig/24Barg)
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" A-USP1 
- DN80/3"-DN300/12" A-USP1 PLUS
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" A-USP1 PLUS
- DN50/2"-DN300/12" AWWA C515
- DN50/2"-DN300/12" AWWA C515 (Spanish)
- DN50-DN300 EN588-1 Series 3
- DN50-DN300 EN588-1 Series 3 (Spanish)
- DN50-DN300 EN588-1 Series 14
- DN50-DN300 EN588-1 Series 14 (Spanish)
- DN50-DN300 EN588-1 Series 15
- DN50-DN300 EN588-1 Series 15 (Spanish)

Valve Boxes
- MVB Composite Valve Box

OS&Y Valves
- DN50/2"-DN300/12" R-2361
- DN50/2" - DN300/12" R-2361 Groove x Groove/Flange x Groove Ends
DN350/14"-DN600/24" R-2361 w/ Bronze Stem
Mueller PLUS
- DN50/2"-DN300/12" R-2361 PLUS
DN350/14"-DN600/24" R-2361 PLUS

- DN50/2"-DN300/12" R-USP1
- DN50/2" - DN300/12" R-UPS1 Groove x Groove/Flange x Groove Ends
DN350/14"-DN600/24" R-USP1
- DN50/2"-DN300/12" R-USP1 PLUS
DN350/14"-DN600/24" R-USP1 PLUS
- DN50/2" - DN300/12" R-USP1OS&Y PLUS Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

Post Indicator Valves
- DN100/4"-DN300/12" P-2361 350psig (24Barg)
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" P-2361
- DN100/4"-DN300/12" P-2362
Mueller PLUS
- DN100/4"-DN300/12" P-2361 PLUS
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" P-2361 PLUS

DN100/4"-DN300/12" P-USP1 350psig (24Barg)
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" P-USP1
- DN100/4"-DN300/12" P-USP2
- DN100/4"-DN300/12" P-USP1 PLUS
- DN350/14"-DN600/24" P-USP1 PLUS 

Check Valves
- DN65/2.5"-DN300/12" Swing
- DN50/2"-DN400 Swing for Seawater Service
- DN65/2.5"-DN300/12" Swing
- DN50/2"-DN600/24" RD-Series Check Valve
- DN50/2"-DN600/24" Series 851 Flex Check Valve

Butterfly Valves

- DN50/2" - DN600/24" Double Offset Butterfly Valve
DN50/2" -DN1200/48" Wafer/ Lug Butterfly Valve
DN80/3"-DN500/20" AWWA Butterfly Valve  
- DN80/3" -DN600/24" Indicating Butterfly Valve (IBV) for Seawater Service
DN80/3"-DN600/24" Indicating Butterfly Valve (IBV)
DN75/3"-DN600/24" Indicator Post Valve Assembly (PIVA)
- DN80/3" -DN600/24" Post Indicator Valve Assembly (PIVA) for Seawater Service
DN100/4"–DN1800/72" ISO-DE Butterfly Valves
- Henry Pratt Indicator Post Valve Assembly Weights
- DN100/4"-DN1200/48" Indicator Post Groundhog® Valve
- DN600/24"–DN3600/144" Triton XR-70 Butterfly Valve
- ISO-DE Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves Brochure

DN100/4"–DN1800/72" ISO-DE Butterfly Valves

Plug Valves
- DN15/1/2"-DN1800/72" Ballcentric 2-Way Plug Valve
- DN80/3"-DN400/16" 3-Way Plug Valve
- DN15/1/2"-DN1800/72" Millcentric 2-Way Plug Valve
- DN80/3"-DN400/16" 3-Way Plug Valve

Knife Valves
- Product Line Card
- DN50/2" -DN400/16" Ductile Iron Resilient Seated Knife Gate Valve
- DN50/2" -DN600/24" Bonneted Metal Seated Knife Gate Valve
- DN50/2" -DN2400/96" Bi-Directional Knife Gate Valve
- DN80/3" -DN900/36" Fabricated Slide Gate Valve

Gate Valves
- DN80/3" -DN2400/96" Metal Seat Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Hydro Gate
- Product Line Card

Indicator Posts

Indicator PostWe are a leader in high-quality commercial and institutional fire protection products, offering a broad range of both Mueller and US Pipe Valve & Hydrant Division (USPVH) brand fire hydrants, valves, and indicator posts compliant to UL and FM requirements. Our fire protection products set the standard for performance and reliability year after year. Links to available literature are listed below:

Indicator Posts
- Non-Adjustable
- Adjustable
- Shallow Bury
- Wall-Type
- Non-Adjustable
- Adjustable
- Wall-Type

Fire Hydrants

Mueller fire hydrants are known throughout the world for reliability and ease of use. Product brands include: Mueller Super Centurion® and US Pipe® Valve & Hydrant Division (USPVH) Sentinel® dry barrel fire hydrants; Mueller and Jones® wet barrel fire hydrants; and spin-in, flush and post-type hydrants. Accessories, repair kits, and parts for discontinued models are also available. Links to available literature are listed below:

Wet Barrel Fire Hydrants
- 3-Nozzle Ductile Iron
- Monitor 3-Way Ductile Iron
- Tell-Tail™ Break Check Valve
- Triton Operation/ Maintenance Manual

- 3-Nozzle Ductile Iron
- 350psi 3-Nozzle Ductile Iron
- Parts Poster
- Monitor 3-Way Ductile Iron
- Platform 2-Nozzle Bronze
- Tell-Tale Break Check Valve
J4060 w/ Storz Training Video 
- Triton Operation/ Maintenance Manual

Dry Barrel Fire Hydrants
- Super Centurion 250
- Super Centurion 250 Monitor
- Super Centurion 250 Brochure (Spanish)
- Sentinel 250

Note: 350psi dry and wet barrel fire hydrants now available. Please contact your local Mueller sales representative. 


Machines & Tools

B-101 Drilling & Tapping MachineMueller offers a complete selection of drilling and tapping machines, and small and large drilling machines, for installing water services and extending mains on virtually every type and size of pipe. Air, electric and hydraulic powered operators are also available, as well as accessories such as cutting grease, shell cutters, pilot drills, center hubs, and adapters. Links to available literature are listed below:

Drilling & Tapping Machines
- Product Line Card

Pipe Repair

Stainless Steel Service SaddleMueller offers a complete line of pipe repair products for all types of pipe material including: service saddles, tapping sleeves, and repair clamps. Available in bronze, stainless steel, and ductile iron and sizes ranging from DN50 to DN900 (2 to 36 inches). Links
to available literature are listed below:

Stainless Steel Pipe Repair Clamps
Service Saddles
Tapping Sleeves
Pipe Couplings

- Brochure

Hydro-Guard® Automated Flushing Systems

Hydro-Guard HG-6 HydrantMost water distribution systems have areas where there are water lines that may not have sufficient demands to keep the detention time short enough to maintain minimum disinfectant residuals. Hydro-Guard monitors water quality in distribution piping and automatically initiates flushing as necessary to maintain disinfectant residuals as required by law. For more information, click here.


Other Mueller Brands